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5 Tips For Running A Business Facebook Page Successfully in 2020

how to create a business facebook page 2020

Before you even read these tips, take a look around Facebook, think about the links you click through the most on your newsfeed, and the content YOU value the most. It’s pretty likely your fans will feel the same way.


1. Update Your Page Regularly And Keep It Looking Professional.

Search engines love new content, and so do your readers. After all, your Facebook page gives you the opportunity to showcase your business + your strengths to numerous potential customers. Aim to update your page frequently (the best would be twice a day, but at the minimum, at least a couple of times a week). Don’t forget, the more frequently you post updates, the more chance you have of popping up in your reader’s news feeds!


2. Create And Share Great Content 

The power of great content is true also for Facebook (and, indeed, social media in general). Remember though; your fans probably aren’t interested in what you ate for breakfast… They may, however, appreciate a cool link, a snippet of information, or an update on a new product your business is offering. Innocent smoothies are certainly top of the class here.
Don’t forget a call to action - these can be incorporated not only into your day-to-day Facebook posts, but also your “Info” page.


3. Offer Incentives For Your Readers To Become Fans And Get Involved.

Why should I follow your Facebook page? Because I like your company, or because you offer the latest news, insider information and advice, or product giveaways/ discount codes? Hopefully both.
If you’re smart, you can easily create a debate around your products - so fans are not just passive consumers, but become active evangelists. You can start with the simplest of questions, such as “Which is your favourite product and why?”.
After this, the sky is the limit!


4. Promote Your Facebook Page 

Ensure everyone is aware of your presence on Facebook! You can add a link from your website or blog, add an e-mail tag, or an image on promotional materials such as leaflets…
Don’t be afraid to send out a direct e-mail to clients, suggesting they become a fan. Of course, be sure to tell them why. For the latest news, special discounts, to join your special community?


5. Interact With Your Community

So, you’ve reached your target number of fans - perhaps you even have a few hundred. This is just the beginning.

Approximately 78% of consumers trust peer recommendations, and only 14% trust advertisements. Your Facebook page can be the perfect opportunity to build trust and interact with not only current customers, but also potential ones. Put the time in, reply to fans comments with a personal touch whenever you can – after all, they’ve gone to the trouble of writing to you and getting in touch. 

To your success,
Jonny T

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