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Why Social Media Optimization Is Important For SEO And 3 Tips To Improve It

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Who would have imagined that social media could have become such a powerful force in the world? These days, social media sites such as Facebook and micro-blogging sites like Twitter are at the cutting edge of culture, as the world connects in ways few of us ever imagined.

Computers are no longer mere tools or luxury items. The internet can no longer be seen as something that robs people of real interaction with other human beings, as people begin to communicate and develop identities in previously undreamed of ways. ‘Chatting’ to friends made online has become an accepted and rewarding part of modern life for a great many people. Entertainment of all kinds has found a natural home with a well-established and enthusiastic audience online. Things that were once highly personal are now interactive. It makes perfect sense as a person with an interest in marketing over the Internet to wonder where you fit into all that.

The Effects Of Social Media Marketing

The possibilities of social media are far from having been realised. One thing’s for sure, the marketing potential surrounding networking sites is immense. Social media marketing is the latest tool in the SEO arsenal, it’s here to stay, and it’s very exciting.

Where does marketing end and providing entertainment or a service begin? There aren’t any clearly defines boundaries any more. Give a product an identity on Facebook, for example, and it’s likely to get a large number of fans and friends. Put a name and a voice to the product and consumers will begin to identify with the producer on a very human level. One could argue that people stop being consumers when the goods they purchase become accessories to life and not merely products for consumption.


SEO and Social Media Relationship


Social Media Exposure And SEO

In the context of social media, SEO becomes a fragment of the whole. Ranking well on results pages is key to success for any business endeavour, because it means exposure. Exposure is precisely what social media provides a platform for. So you’ll find that marketing well for social media brings rewards for search engine optimisation by default. But there are some ways of really enhancing social media for SEO, and that’s why many ambitious businesses are turning to a good social media company for advice.

And it’s not just new companies that are looking to benefit from the social media revolution. Established brands have been quick to realise that they could easily be left behind if they don’t keep up to speed when it comes to social media. Look at any big name brand and you’ll probably find it has an ongoing social media campaign.

Whether you’re a well-established site with a good reputation and plenty of links or a new site climbing the first steps toward search engine results pages, social media presents an opportunity to improve.

3 Tips On How To Use Social Media To Improve Your SEO

So, what are some of the potential benefits of using social media to promote your site? Links are one obvious source of potential.

Good link creation is excellent SEO, and search engine optimization services are always telling publishers to encourage the right links to their site, which brings us to our three tips..


1.  Use Social Media to Enhance Linking Potential

When you start marketing using social media you’re connecting with a great many users, competitors, affiliated businesses and related products. Use the situation to your advantage when it comes to SEO link building. Encourage good, relevant links. Join a community that’s going to reflect well on your site so that search engines realise your popularity and place you high on their results pages.


2.  Get Links to your Blog

Your blog (and you should have one!) is what makes your site interesting and fresh, which is what the search engines want to see. Increase traffic to your blog by linking to it at any given opportunity via social media.

3.  Get Involved

You’re not going to benefit much from social media by dipping your toe in the water. Create an identity you can feel proud of and spread it around as much as you can. Leave comments, create profiles, contribute to forums and do anything else you can to be seen and heard and encourage good links.

Social media is here to stay. Start off well with your SMM and who knows where it could take you. Promote your brand, link well, link effectively, maintain your reputation and get to the top of results pages by becoming as popular as you can possibly be!

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Jonny Tyson

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