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Use Images on your Blog to CONSIDERABLY Increase Organic Traffic

Images for SEO Optimization

Numerous studies show that blog visitors are often more interested in blogs that offer images. Blogs that use attractive images are much more frequently accessed than regular text blogs. If you are looking for an interesting way to increase traffic to your site, you might want to consider adding images. Doing this is not a difficult task at all. Most blogging platforms have an area where you can quickly and easily add images. The whole picture gives the reader a better understanding of what you want to convey on your blog.

If you are wondering why images increase traffic considerably, read on..

Image Scanability

One sure-way to increase traffic on your blog is to create a blog with a high level of 'scanability'. When your blog can be easily scanned for content, viewers are more likely to want to re-visit your blog in the future. Experts say that it takes almost 25% more energy for the eyes and brain to read words on a computer differently than reading them on paper. Therefore, even though readers may not know it, they tend to read less on their computer screens. This is because it takes longer to read words and it uses more energy.

Approximately 60% of the visitors to your blog won't read your articles word-for-word; they are more likely to skim-read through it, searching for your main points. But, they will almost always read the headlines and take in the pictures. Images always help make your blog easier to scan through because it offers rest for the eyes and brain. The eyes and the brain will see the image in a different way than seeing the words on your blog. Offering breaks to the eyes and brains of visitors will allow your blog to be scanned easily. In turn, when it can be scanned easily, readers are much more likely to return!

Google Images SEO

Keep Your Visitors Interested

One thing that a lot of bloggers seem to do is constantly go on about one topic without end. It's important to limit each post to a certain number of words; because if you don't, your readers will eventually get bored. To avoid losing the interest of your readers, you can shorten posts and bring more of your main points to the front. And of course; pictures play a big part here to. Adding images is the perfect way to keep your readers interested. For example; if you're talking about the beautiful plants that you have in your yard or the cutest-looking puppy you just adopted, consider how much pictures would improve these posts!

I really think you will be surprised of the amount of traffic images can bring to your site. People will be able to connect more with you about the subjects you are posting. They will be able to laugh with you at photos that you think are funny and admire the photos you value. You may even start to develop and maintain friendships with your readers through your photos.


Invest In Camera Equipment

If you want to add pictures to your blog, you may want to consider investing in a digital camera, if you don't have one yet. This will make putting pictures on your computer a much easier task to get started. After you master this, read the help information on your blog software to understand how you need to add images to your blog (generally in the 'Layout' section). Pay special attention to size requirements and/or suggestions. Some blog providers will only provide a certain amount of space for graphics, so you will need to be aware of this.

After using images on your blog for a while, I assure you; you will begin see an increase in traffic over time. Your readers and followers will come-back for more articles and pictures, and to see what your opinion may be on certain issues, and new visitors will start to show interest. By connecting with those who read your blog through images, you will build long-lasting relationships with your readers. Be careful what type of image you add. You may not post someone on your blog without their permission so if you post a photo of someone you know, be sure to ask them in advance. :-)

Thanks for reading guys! If you found this helpful please take a moment to leave a comment and/or share this post.

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